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Strathcona Cup Tour 2018

On the morning of Friday 26th January, 2018 the Strathcona Cup Tour from Canada finally arrived at Kinross Curling to take on the might of Area 10. 

Canadian Tour 1

After the normal due dilligence in creating perfect ice (as usual) on the part of the Ice Team the particiapnts were piped onto the ice.

Canadian Tour 2 2

It's fair to say that all games were played in a very friendly manner but were also extremely competitive with the Canadians winning out in the end by 4 shots overall with one more game to be played the next day. 

Andy Shatilla 6  David Laird 10

John Morrison 7 John Fairfield 3

Larry McCormack 8 Ian Drysdale 4

Ken Armstrong 6 Ken Lang 6

Canada 27 Scotland 23 

The following day, before everybody retired for their Burns Supper, the final game for Area 10 was played out between the Canadians and Forret Curling Club, also representing Cupar Province.

Canadian Tour 3

The Forret team, representing both Area 10 and Cupar province won through to a final score of 11 - 6 putting Cupar province 1 shot up over the Canadians from the 5 games played on Kinross ice. A fine achievement for Forret and Cupar Province as the Canadians continue to storm ahead on shots difference as they make their way around Scotland.

For a full report on how the Tour is progressing go here.

Curling Insurance

Cupar Province members, when playing the game are covered by Liability Insurance provided to the Royal Caledonian Curling Club by Endsleigh Insurance Services Ltd .  The main points of this insurance is to cover members against insurable claims made by third parties against them. 

The RCCC has produced an Insurance FAQ to explain the main points of this insurance and how to both find out more and make a claim and this document can be found here.

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