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In June 1947, at a meeting chaired by Jock Mungo of Newport CC and attended by representatives from Scotscraig CC, Melville CC, Cupar CC, Leuchars CC and Newport CC, it was decided to form a new curling league under the name of “The Loofie League”. These clubs were immediately joined by Forret CC and then by Ceres CC in 1949/50.

The name Loofie was taken from one of the earliest type of curling stone (probably pre 17th century) being a stone without a handle with, instead, indentations for thumb and fingers. A loofie was usually light enough to be easily held in the hand.

An early 'Loofie' curling stone

The objects of this new league were “to develop social contact between club members and to encourage new curlers”, overarching principles which continue to be rigorously followed to this day. If evidence was ever required of how seriously Mungo and his Committee took those objects look no further than the rules governing the award of the Loofie Spoon and Quaich. “They are to be handed over to the Club which scores least throughout the season in the league itself. A club can feel, therefore, that although it has been penalised perhaps by obeying the rules to the letter and always putting out a team of young and inexperienced players, there is some form of recompense – The Loofie Spoon”.

The Loofie Spoon and Quaich

In 1948, following the presentation of a birthday gift to the Loofie of a trophy by A Forrest, Vice President of Newport CC, the annual league competition was added to by “The Loofie Bonspiel”. The annually contested Bonspiel involves all clubs in a round robin competition of 3 ends per game with victory and the trophy being awarded to the Club which scores the greatest majority of shots. The Bonspiel, which many would regard as being the highlight of and climax to the season, has long been renowned for not only being very competitive but also for being a fun and very sociable event bringing all member clubs together at season end.

The Loofie Bonspiel Trophy

All Loofie games are staged at the Dewars Ice Rink, Perth. Although all emember clubs are drawn from Cupar Province, there are no rules in place preventing application from outwith with the 2018-19 season seeing the inclusion in the league of Methven Curling Club https://www.facebook.com/MethvenCurling/.

The Loofie would welcome interest from any club/organisation/society looking to bring on, develop or encourage new curlers in a less competitive, more relaxed and very friendly environment.

For further information on the Loofie, please contact the Loofie Secretary; Frank Gibson on 07543836226 or 01592 771226 or email him on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.