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The Cupar Province Bonspiel for the 2019-20 season was held over two sessions on the evening of Wednesday 18th December 2019.

All Province clubs took part with some excellent curling being witnessed. Some big scores were posted and some really tight matches led Craig Lindsay our Secretary to later declare that, overall, an attempt at ceding teams this year appears to have worked out.  

The first session saw Abdie secure a score of +9 and their second session team secured a score of +3 leading to an overall score of +12 which won the Bonspiel for them.

Our photographs show Craig Lindsay presenting the Bonspiel trophy to Wullie Thomson, Skip for Abdie second session rink and a line up of the winning rink. From left to right are: George Thomson, Wullie Thomson, Rob Watson and Andy Messenger.



Cupar Province Points Competition 2019-20

The annual Points competition for Cupar Province was held on 23rd October 2019 at Kinross Curling Rink. There was an excellent turnout from all member clubs with the various disciplines being played out on the usual high standard of ice achieved at Kinross.

The results are as follows:

Rollo Rose bowl (team)
1st - Rothes, 45 pts (Ian Drysdale, Ronnie Wilson, David Laird)
2nd - Forret 42 pts (Craig Lindsay, Graham Lindsay, Renwick Cowan)
3rd - Leuchars / Ceres, 37 pts (John Steven, Ian Dawson, Mike Dougal / Bill Gourlay, Mel Porter, John Fairfield) 
Armstrong cup (mens)
1st - David Laird, 19 pts (Rothes)
2nd - Renwick Cowan / Tom Howson, 16 pts (Forret / Newport)
Porter salver (ladies)
1st - Mel Porter, 10 pts *draw-shot (Ceres)
2nd - Morag Erskine, 10 pts (Pitlessie)
3rd - Mari Tomaney, 9 pts (Pitlessie)
Well done to everybody taking part and, we should add, a big thankyou to Craig Lyndsay, the Secretary of the Province for his hard work in organising and running the event.

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The Bonspiel for the Loofie League season 2019-20 was held at Perth on Saturday 2nd November 2019. The event, held over two ice sessions, was very well attended by all 9 member clubs and played in the true spirit of the Loofie. Whilst extremely competitive and hard fought at times it was significant how many clubs had fielded players in the first few seasons of their curling career.

As the Bonspiel got under way and, well into the first few games, Abdie and Ceres were in contention at the top spots with Ceres taking a 2 shot lead over Abdie in the 4th game. Game 5 saw Abdie levelling with Ceres on 11 shots up but this early form was not to last. Game 6 saw Abdie take a commanding lead, courtesy of a big win in that game. Crawford Priory, however, showing consistent form, overtook Abdie in the 8th game to take a 2 shot lead on +19 shots. With Crawford Priory having to sit the 9th and final game out as they had played their 8 games, it was up to Abdie to claw back those two shots for a win. It was not to be, however and, with Crawford Priory nervously watching from the gallery, Abdie lost 2 - 4 to Pitlessie, who obviously hadn't read the script!

Meanwhile, Leuchars had been quietly making up ground and, with a 6 shot win in the 9th game secured 2nd spot.

The final top three were: 1st, Crawford Priory on +19, 2nd, Leuchars on +18 and 3rd, Abdie on +15. Presentation of the Loofie Bonspiel trophy was made by Charlie Anderson, Loofie League President to the afternoon rink for Crawford Priory of David Roy, Ian Whiteford, James Lambie and George Adamson.

The winning Rink for Crawford Priory

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