Cupar Province Points Competition - The Current Season

The Province points competition for the 2023-24 season was held on Thurs 26th Oct at 5.45 pm in Kinross

Results are as follows:

Ladies (Porter salver) won by Morag Erskine (Pitlessie), with Rosy Stenhouse (Pitlessie) the runner-up.

Men’s (Armstrong cup) won by Peter Lang (Forret), with Renwick Cowan (Forret) and Ken Lang (Leuchars) as joint runners-up.

Club (Rollo bowl) won by Forret, with Rothes the runner-up.

 Photo and results


 The Art of Inwicking

(A brief explanation of the Points Competition)

Curling is an ancient winter sport with its real origins lost in the mists of time. Suffice to say that, as a race, we have competed to see who can get an object (say a big stone?) further than anybody else or closer to an agreed spot or other stone than everybody else. Add the thrill or being able to slide said big stone over an iced over pond and we have the makings of a game which has developed its own cultures, methods of play and rules, over the centuries.

With those rules and the variety of different shots possible, whilst trying to get our stone nearer the centre of a circle than anybody else, there emerged a whole new vocabulary. Inwiccking, striking, guarding, chap & lie and others. Suddenly there arose the need to show how skilled and accurate we were in pulling off these different shots and, with a certain inevitability, a new game emerged.

We call this competition 'Points', referring to the simple fact that you can earn points, varying from 0 to 2 depending on how well (or in many cases, how badly) you carry out the intended discipline.

Many curlers shy away from this competition, which can involve 20 - 30 curlers in one session, simply through either lack of confidence or the size of the audience. Many others relish the challenge and use it to sharpen their own skills on the ice.

To save going into a long winded explanation of the various disciplines involved and how points are awarded we have attached a .pdf document fully explaining the shots required, including a handy score sheet for any club needing one.